The LaLiga, Values and Opportunity program continues its training activity in football and values

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The training courses of the instructors who will be in charge of the first socio-sports schools in El Salvador will be offered virtually from this Monday, July 20, 2020

The president ad honorem of the National Sports Institute of El Salvador (INDES), Yamil Bukele, reported that the LaLiga, Valores y Oportunidad program continues its training activities for the capacitation of the monitors who will work in the 262 LaLiga schools that will open over the next five years throughout the country.

Despite the complicated situation led by the social and health crisis caused by the COVID-19, the reorganization of the Action Plan and Schedule of the LaLiga Values and Opportunity Program has been confirmed, thanks to the continued and joint work of FUNDACIÓN LaLiga and the National Sports Institute of El Salvador (INDES).

Thanks to the resumption of activities, from this month until the end of the year, 760 monitors from the country will be trained with 19 courses that will have as specific subjects scouting, monitoring of base football, training of trainers, the promotion and management of sports schools or sports volunteering.

This project, promoted by the Government of the Republic of El Salvador, through INDES, and in collaboration with FUNDACIÓN LaLiga, aims to promote initiatives aimed at inclusion, insertion into employment, education in values, the prevention of violence and entrepreneurship, using sport, in particular football, as a tool for not only socio-economic but also educational development, which will produce a wide-ranging social benefit in El Salvador and its population.

Within the collaboration agreement reached between Puma and Fundación LaLiga to carry out a joint CSR action, it has been agreed to donate 3,000 balls to the National Sports Institute of El Salvador with the aim of promoting sports among children and young people at risk of exclusion, as a tool for integrating and promoting social relations to improve their quality of life.

The LaLiga Values and Opportunity Football Program aims to benefit more than 26,000 children, aged between 9 and 16, who will be recruited through the Sports Initiation Schools that will be created in the 262 municipalities of the country, with nearly 300,000 impacts on beneficiaries.

The training activities will be carried out through a virtual platform that will allow the development of the educational process with the highest quality of the courses. Each day, students will have telematic classes, daily assessments, videoconferences and group work.

The great effort made by INDES and FUNDACIÓN LaLiga in this program will bear fruit in the future, so that the children and young people of El Salvador can have a quality sports and educational space, after a high quality and personalized training for future coaches.